Obama has taken power.  We will give him no honeymoon.  He is a dangerous threat to liberty.  He sees the Constitution’s limits on the federal government as “negative liberties” and he will use Bush’s Imperial Presidency to turn those negative liberties out and usher in positive state power.  Maybe if more principled libertarians and conservatives would have spoken up during Bush’s overreaches, we wouldn’t have had this reactionary socialist swing.

What is so FRUSTRATING is that our opposition is too uneducated on the change we instituted in 1776 to understand our opposition to Obama.  Obamatons are chearleading the rollback of our Fore Fathers’ beautiful rejection of Europe’s Monarchs and their central planning of our lives (and afterlives).

Say it slowly for them.   Mon (one) Archy (Rule) =  Fed-Eral Gov-ERN-Ment.

This brilliant SUBVERSIVE artwork can be purchased by the clever guys who created it.  Check out King Dude on Sirius/XM.  Not only is he a great patriot, he’s a Lebowski fan!

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