Obama’s Narcissism: Where are we headed?

From the Narcissism expert Sam Vaknin, PhD:
It is important to understand that the use of violence must be ego-syntonic. It must accord with the self-image of the narcissist. It must abet and sustain his grandiose fantasies and feed his sense of entitlement. It must conform with the narcissistic narrative.
Thus, a narcissist who regards himself as [...]

Once again, Star Parker speaks the truth

Two years ago, Star Parker wrote a powerful book about her escape from the federal government’s socialist grasp on the poor inner city communities.  Today, she speaks out again about Obama’s attempts to repatriate freed slaves and bring them back to Washington’s servitude.
Back on Uncle Sam’s Plantation

Obama’s “Fiscal Responsiblity” Trojan Horse

Obama’s summit on fiscal responsibility has been ridiculed all over the place.  Sharp observers (people with eyes/ears) acutely point out that he just signed the largest bill in the history of the United States and the world! And now they are going to end Washington’s wasteful ways?  Don’t count on it!
Obama is not oblivious to [...]


Obama has taken power.  We will give him no honeymoon.  He is a dangerous threat to liberty.  He sees the Constitution’s limits on the federal government as “negative liberties” and he will use Bush’s Imperial Presidency to turn those negative liberties out and usher in positive state power.  Maybe if more principled libertarians and conservatives [...]

Welcome to Who Can What?

Why Who Can What?  Because this question is really what makes me interested in politics and why everyone should pay attention.  The people that lead us have the ability to destroy economies or destroy whole cities at the push of a button.  Politics is essentially the playing out of this question: Who Can What?  Most [...]