George Soros Battling Scapegoats, Newsweek pitches in

From an article in Newsweek announcing a $50 million dollar propaganda effort from George Soros to battle human freedom:  “an effort to take back the economics profession from the champions of free-market zealotry who have dominated it for decades”
You have to be kidding!  the free-market?  is that what you call the Washington/Wall st nexus?  Is [...]

Central Planners “Accidently” Raise Taxes Again

The perfect example to illustrate the FACT that corporations don’t (can’t) pay taxes. People do. You can’t tax a piece of paper, you can only tax people and their labor.
And if we own citibank, isn’t this a tax increase on people making under 250k???
“Citigroup Inc. is instituting annual fees on some current credit-card [...]

Soviet TV News hosted by Eric Cartman

all while preaching about “anti-intellectualism.”  truly disgusting.

This is a luxury of having a black man as the most left-wing president in history.  While the producers get robbed, they are called racists if they stand up against it.  No mention of the largest printing of fiat currency in our history!  Wow.  Talk about anti-intellectual!

Media Buries Biden Daughter’s Alleged Cocaine Use

Cocaine is a dangerous drug.  It has horrible effects on families. These consequences can be concealed when the family in question is wealthy and well connected.  Joe Biden’s daughter’s alleged drug use should be a huge story.

Here’s why:
The War on Drugs has been a horrible injustice executed largely against the poor and “regular folks”.  [...]

“Lay Down Your Misplaced Global Burden”

Will the real Thomas Paine please stand up?

Done and done.
You are a truly great American hero, sir. Standing up to the Marxist Political Correctness mind control on a college campus is a beautiful thing.
Watch how carefully the mics are guarded on the grounds of our American institutions of “higher learning”. And the pure obnoxiousness of the [...]

Obama’s Special Olympics Gaffe: Blessing in Disguise

One truly great thing can result from Obama’s bad joke on Leno, if we are honest about this.

It can be come a firewall against this coward in the Justice Dept. I believe that Holder will use the DOJ to install the Political Correctness Brownshirts. But if the messiah can ridicule Sarah [...]

Joe The Plumber Revisited

Has anyone ever considered that Joe the Plumber’s rise to sound clip glory may have cost McCain the election?
Over and over again it was repeated: Obama will spread the wealth around!
Its the bizzaro-world 2008 equivelent of Paul Revere’s Ride!
Did you hear?  We’re all going to be rich!  All we have to do is vote for [...]

Democratic Brownshirt Act of 09 passes House
Here are a couple excerpts:
(1) improve the ability of individuals in the United States to serve others and, by doing so, to enhance our Nation and the global community;
(5) The effect on the Nation, on those who serve, and on the families of those who serve, if all individuals in the United States were expected [...]

Former CIA Official Gary Berntsen:Bush should have executed Gitmo Prisoners

Gary Berntsen, 20-year CIA veteran, told Fox & Friends “Many of those individuals that are there are enemy combatants and that’s based on the Geneva Conventions and should be executed.  It’s ridiculous that the Bush administration, after seven years, didn’t deal with many of those that we know are enemy combatants…I’m thinking to myself, they’ve [...]